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Individual Submissions

On this page you will find submissions made by individuals who have chosen to be identified – these submissions may be about the person making the submission or on behalf of someone else.

Due to the nature of the submissions received, not all submissions can be published. The Royal Commission reserves the right not to publish certain submissions or to redact information within a submission. This includes circumstances where the information is not relevant to the terms of reference, or where matters are graphic/distressing or where there are privacy concerns about the information included.

If you would like to make a submission see our Share your story page. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Content Warning: Please be aware that images and descriptions contained within public submissions published on this website could be confronting to some. If you require support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.


Date Submitted by Document
Dr Ronald Bruce Backman ANON-Z1E7-Q1EP-X
Damien Hodge ANON-Z1E7-Q8GN-5
David Cahalan ANON-Z1E7-Q8RQ-K
Garry Davies ANON-Z1E7-Q8R4-P
George Henry Baylis ANON-Z1E7-Q165-M
Jackson Laugesen ANON-Z1E7-Q12V-H
Jillian Nichols ANON-Z1E7-QMQG-W
Karen Page ANON-Z1E7-Q8VY-Y
Michael Quinn ANON-Z1E7-Q1UF-4
Sarah Boshammer ANON-Z1E7-Q82A-3
Robert Clark ANON-Z1E7-Q8XN-P
Mathew Jamieson ANON-Z1E7-Q151-F
Murray Davies ANON-Z1E7-Q1MD-T
Prof Philip Morris AM ANON-Z1E7-Q8SA-4
Stephen John Johnson ANON-Z1E7-Q87C-A
Matias Kewe ANON-Z1E7-Q1X4-N
Neil McLean ANON-Z1E7-Q1DC-G
Raymond Bennie ANON-Z1E7-Q119-K
Steven Burns ANON-Z1E7-Q8FF-V
Matthew Bunt ANON-Z1E7-Q1U2-G
Neil McLean ANON-Z1E7-Q8GG-X
Richard Menhinick ANON-Z1E7-Q8Q3-M
Steven Wilson ANON-Z1E7-Q1EK-S
Matthew James Payne ANON-Z1E7-Q8E2-7
Niall Ryan ANON-Z1E7-Q85K-G
Richard Scott ANON-Z1E7-Q1FB-H
Tegan Simone Cheney ANON-Z1E7-Q8M4-H
Matthew Smart ANON-Z1E7-Q8S3-P
Noah Riseman ANON-Z1E7-Q8NW-N
Ricky Ryan ANON-Z1E7-Q8S6-S
Terence Harrison O'Neill ANON-Z1E7-Q8PJ-A
Matthew Williamson ANON-Z1E7-Q173-K
Owen Bartrop ANON-Z1E7-Q18K-C
Robert John Dean ANON-Z1E7-Q8K4-F
Teresa Greentree ANON-Z1E7-Q1AJ-M
Maurice Barclay ANON-Z1E7-Q8KT-F
Patrick Hopkins ANON-Z1E7-Q163-J
Robert Nieuwenhoven ANON-Z1E7-Q1S6-J
Terry Cavanough ANON-Z1E7-Q1WE-5
Michael Buckland ANON-Z1E7-Q88W-Y
Paul Stephen Andrews ANON-Z1E7-Q189-T
Robert William Ihlein ANON-Z1E7-Q1MQ-7
Terry Clayton ANON-Z1E7-Q8RV-R
Michael Jenks ANON-Z1E7-Q8PE-5
Paul Brooke ANON-Z1E7-Q88B-A
Rod Halliday ANON-Z1E7-Q8ZE-F
Tony Mccready ANON-Z1E7-Q1KA-N
Michael Joseph Bell ANON-Z1E7-Q8UT-S
Paul Carolan ANON-Z1E7-Q1WV-P
Roger Henning ANON-Z1E7-Q8S8-U
Troy Clarke ANON-Z1E7-Q1JS-6
Michael Mackay ANON-Z1E7-Q1RY-M
Peter Campbell ANON-Z1E7-Q1UP-E
Ron Giveen ANON-Z1E7-Q1GN-X
Valerie May Devaney ANON-Z1E7-Q8BG-S
Michael G Trothe ANON-Z1E7-Q1Y2-M
Peter O'Dowd ANON-Z1E7-Q8AA-J
Russell James Hill ANON-Z1E7-Q8NQ-F
William Alan Forsbey ANON-Z1E7-Q17T-M
Mark Scown ANON-Z1E7-Q8Y4-W
Michael Wilde ANON-Z1E7-Q8CK-X
Peter Watt ANON-Z1E7-Q8BK-W
Scott Johnson ANON-Z1E7-Q1F2-1
William J Kelly ANON-Z1E7-Q8XZ-2
Mark Smith ANON-Z1E7-Q829-U
Michelle Ivy Pedder ANON-Z1E7-Q1M5-B
Phillip Brooks ANON-Z1E7-Q19H-A
Scott Moerland ANON-Z1E7-Q1Y1-K
William John Archibald Norval ANON-Z1E7-Q1MJ-Z
Mark Strickland ANON-Z1E7-Q8HZ-J
Mick Loughlin ANON-Z1E7-Q8YR-U
Phillip Paddison ANON-Z1E7-Q16G-6
Sean Cotton ANON-Z1E7-Q8V5-U
Ziggy Zangl ANON-Z1E7-Q18J-B
Mat Young ANON-Z1E7-Q8PR-J
Mitchell Cass ANON-Z1E7-Q1E4-2
Pieter Murtagh ANON-Z1E7-Q1F5-4
Stephen Clerkin ANON-Z1E7-Q1RC-X
Anthony Payne ANON-Z1E7-Q8B4-6
David Maiden ANON-Z1E7-Q8AH-S
Drew D Bennett ANON-Z1E7-Q8KB-W
James Manchip ANON-Z1E7-Q83M-G
Kerrie Pickering ANON-Z1E7-Q84Z-X
Arthur Ventham RFD MBA ANON-Z1E7-Q1EQ-Y
David Manneke-Jones ANON-Z1E7-Q8C5-8
Duane Pieter Romijn ANON-Z1E7-Q8XR-T
James Thomas Dunning ANON-Z1E7-Q1VR-H
Kylie Reynolds ANON-Z1E7-Q1NF-W
Brad Nelson ANON-Z1E7-Q8FZ-G
David Phillip Davis ANON-Z1E7-Q861-Q
Edward (Ted) Walsh ANON-Z1E7-Q15J-8
Jarrod Holmes ANON-Z1E7-Q1PP-9
Kym Maslen Kym ANON-Z1E7-Q1DB-F
Bradley Mazzaferri ANON-Z1E7-Q1TH-5
David Tegg ANON-Z1E7-Q166-N
Emily Feldmeier ANON-Z1E7-Q1TG-4
Jeffrey Wharton ANON-Z1E7-Q1X5-P
Laura Boyce ANON-Z1E7-Q1GC-K
Brian Blandthorn ANON-Z1E7-Q85J-F
David West ANON-Z1E7-Q8BX-A
Emmalyn Croci ANON-Z1E7-Q8J1-B
John Cavanagh ANON-Z1E7-Q1AZ-4
Leanne Smith ANON-Z1E7-Q14F-3
Brian Howard ANON-Z1E7-Q17X-R
Dean Dyer ANON-Z1E7-Q811-J
Anthony Fernie ANON-Z1E7-QMXZ-Q
John David Jones ANON-Z1E7-Q813-M
Lee Tocci ANON-Z1E7-Q1KM-1
Brian White ANON-Z1E7-Q8XY-1
Dean J Dyer ANON-Z1E7-Q8RH-A
Geoffrey Craggs ANON-Z1E7-Q16D-3
John Fisher ANON-Z1E7-Q8Q8-S
Leslie Stockley ANON-Z1E7-Q8MC-Z
Bryan Josephs Pipins ANON-Z1E7-Q81V-Q
Donald Howie ANON-Z1E7-Q84Q-N
Graham Oldfield ANON-Z1E7-QMQQ-7
John Owen Frazer ANON-Z1E7-Q86Z-Z
Lieutenant Colonel Charles S Mollison (Retd) ANON-Z1E7-Q1FQ-Z
Chaplain Rob Sutherland ANON-Z1E7-Q1SR-E
Douglas D'Antoine ANON-Z1E7-Q8T3-Q
Greg Clarke ANON-Z1E7-Q8FW-D
John Stripsky ANON-Z1E7-Q8F8-E
Chris Barker ANON-Z1E7-Q81U-P
Dr Craig Ellery ANON-Z1E7-Q1YA-3
Greg Davies ANON-Z1E7-Q1YT-P
John William Sullivan ANON-Z1E7-Q14M-A
Margaret (Meg) Ford ANON-Z1E7-Q8F4-A
Christopher Barker ANON-Z1E7-Q8KQ-C
Dr David Stephens ANON-Z1E7-Q8ZU-Y
Greg Hoving ANON-Z1E7-Q11F-Z
John Young ANON-Z1E7-Q15Q-F
Mark Bird ANON-Z1E7-Q1T8-N
Clive Frederick Dennett ANON-Z1E7-Q837-T
Dr Graeme Correll ANON-Z1E7-Q1YU-Q
Greg Taylor ANON-Z1E7-Q1B9-4
Joseph Walter King ANON-Z1E7-Q8WH-F
Mark Pearson ANON-Z1E7-Q8MG-4
Aaron Sanders ANON-Z1E7-Q19J-C
David Andrew Bennett ANON-Z1E7-Q8EQ-6
Dr Guy Buchanan ANON-Z1E7-Q84G-B
Henry Michael Harrington South ANON-Z1E7-Q192-M
Joshua Taylor ANON-Z1E7-Q8FH-X
Abram Sandy ANON-Z1E7-Q1GZ-A
David Jamison ANON-Z1E7-Q1HW-8
Dr Paul Pittorino ANON-Z1E7-Q85E-A
Ian Daniel Hughes ANON-Z1E7-Q891-T
Justin Webb ANON-Z1E7-Q89K-M
Alan Ashmore ANON-Z1E7-Q8F1-7
David John Chalk ANON-Z1E7-Q84B-6
Dr Ron Jithoo ANON-Z1E7-Q1JT-7
Ivor & Merilyn Springfield ANON-Z1E7-Q1Y5-Q
Karen ANON-Z1E7-Q86N-M
Anne Heyes ANON-Z1E7-Q8Y7-Z
David L Morgan ANON-Z1E7-Q1MR-8
Dr William (Bill) McNeil OAM ANON-Z1E7-Q1Z2-N
James Eagles ANON-Z1E7-Q1RE-Z
Kaye Frances Murphy ANON-Z1E7-Q1DV-3
Glenda Weston behalf Bradley Wayne Carr ANON-Z1E7-Q15T-J
John Gregory ANON-Z1E7-Q1JX-B
Nicola Leslie ANON-Z1E7-QMEY-3
Yvonne Sillett ANON-Z1E7-Q1R9-M
Alan Ashmore ANON-Z1E7-Q14U-J
Thomas Annand ANON-Z1E7-QM5T-E
Alan Sparks ANON-Z1E7-Q1C2-X
Danielle Wilson ANON-Z1E7-Q8VN-M
Michael John Angell ANON-Z1E7-Q1PS-C
Danny Liversidge ANON-Z1E7-Q8NR-G
Phill and Bronwyn Goodwin ANON-Z1E7-Q146-K
Joanna Martin ANON-Z1E7-Q8J5-F
Austen Conway ANON-Z1E7-Q8KF-1
Mikal Rodney Fletcher ANON-Z1E7-Q8C6-9
David Maiden ANON-Z1E7-Q8SB-5
Col Leslie J Young ANON-Z1E7-Q11C-W
Dr John Griffin ANON-Z1E7-Q83P-K
Ms Amy B Dixon ANON-Z1E7-Q8JE-Y
Julia Langrehr ANON-Z1E7-Q8YY-2
Kyle Hose ANON-Z1E7-Q16R-H
Peter Solomon ANON-Z1E7-Q8KG-2
Rebecca Harris ANON-Z1E7-Q1SS-F
Teresa Pyne ANON-Z1E7-QMNH-U
Bruce Connors ANON-Z1E7-Q1R3-E
Chloe Anderson ANON-Z1E7-Q1JN-1
David Kerton ANON-Z1E7-Q1RP-B