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About the Royal Commission

How the Royal Commission works

The Royal Commission is independent of all Australian governments. 3 Royal Commissioners have been appointed. They will inquire into and investigate the matters referred to in the terms of reference and make recommendations.

The Commissioners use:

  • submissions,
  • private sessions,
  • hearings; and
  • research

to investigate the issues set out in the terms of reference.

Anyone who has lived experience relating to the Royal Commission can make a submission and contribute to the work of the Royal Commission. Other members of the public, organisations and interested parties can also make submissions and contribute.

Under the Letters Patent, the Royal Commissioners are required to submit:

  • an interim report by 11 August 2022. This will focus on:
    • issues requiring urgent or immediate action, and
    • any other matters considered necessary;
  • a final report and their recommendations no later than 17 June 2024.

These reports will outline the results of the investigation and the Commissioner’s recommendations.

If you would like to learn more about the Royal Commission, see our About the Royal Commission factsheet.

For more factsheets and other downloadable resources about the Commission – see our resources page.

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