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Contributing to our work

The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide is keen for a range of people to contribute to the work of the Commission.

The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide will be conducting hearings to collect evidence relevant to its inquiry.

You can subscribe to our mailing list to receive email updates from the Royal Commission, including details about public hearings.

There is a legal advice service for people wishing to engage with the Royal Commission. Legal financial assistance is available to individuals and entities to assist with meeting the costs of legal representation and disbursements associated with engaging with the Royal Commission.

To contact the Royal Commission, see the Contact us page.

Protections for people engaging with the Royal Commission

Under the Royal Commission Act there are protections available to people wishing to engage with a Royal Commission under its compulsive powers.  These include:

If you choose to have a Private Session

Nothing you say to the Commissioners in that session will be made public or included in any of the Royal Commission reports or papers.  

If you are a witness at a hearing or are compelled to make a statement or provide information

Some protections apply under the Act for anything you say orally or by way of writing under a notice issued under the Royal Commission Act.

The Royal Commission recommends individuals or groups who plan to engage with the Royal Commission, who may be uncertain about the material or information they wish to provide, should seek legal advice.

An online form is available, allowing you to make a submission to the Royal Commission.

Make a submission

You may want to request a private session with a Commissioner.

Request a private session