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The Royal Commission's inquiry is not limited to hearings, submissions and private sessions. We have organised a number of roundtables to inform the Commissioners about relevant issues – specifically systemic, cultural and structural issues that can contribute to suicide by serving and ex-serving Defence members.

Roundtables are informal discussions with a number of experts, and provide an effective way for the Commissioners to learn about issues, hear a wide range of opinions and consider suggestions.

The Royal Commission has conducted a number of roundtables on diverse topics and with a broad range of experts and will continue to hold roundtables until the Commissioners' recommendations are finalised.

Our roundtable overviews cover the topics discussed, suggestions for change, ideas for improvements, and insights into the issues faces by serving and ex-serving Defence members. All the information included in these overviews have been de-identified.

Roundtable overview 1

The Royal Commission's first roundtable overview covers topics including self-harm, data gaps, translating research into practice, recruitment and deployment, and transition.