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The Royal Commission gathers evidence related to our terms of reference as part of our inquiries. This evidence includes exhibits which are tendered during hearings or in chambers. These exhibits cover a broad range of documents including witness statements, research notes, reports from previous inquiries, copies of articles and websites, and sections from books and guides, among other things.

Exhibits are often referred to during hearings, reports and papers. While some exhibits cannot be made public, all exhibits that can be shared beyond the Royal Commission are collected here. You can also find exhibits through our Hearings page and the document library.

Some exhibit numbers may have been updated since originally being published on the website. The Royal Commission has provided a list of each exhibit and records what the exhibit number is - both the current and original (alias) exhibit number, if applicable. The new numbering system will be reflected in reports and other papers to be released by the Royal Commission.

View the updated exhibits numbers