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The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide was established on 8 July 2021 as an inquiry into the overrepresentation of serving and ex-serving Defence members in deaths by suicide in Australia. Under the Letters Patent, the Commissioners are required to submit an interim report by 11 August 2022 and a final report and their recommendations no later than 9 September 2024. These reports will outline the results of the Royal Commission's investigation and the Commissioner's recommendations.

In addition to these two major reports, over the course of the Royal Commission we will publish papers, research reports, overviews of roundtable discussions and other documents. These publications will be relevant to the Royal Commission's inquiries and in line with our terms of reference.

The Royal Commission has also included, alongside our own publications, a number of external reports focused on issues faced by serving and ex-serving Defence members and their families. These significant reports have been tendered as exhibits in public hearings the Royal Commission has conducted.