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2022 Anonymous submissions

On this page you will find 2022 submissions made by people or organisations who have chosen to remain anonymous – these may be about the person making the submission, on behalf of someone else or on behalf of an organisation.

Content Warning: Please be aware that images and descriptions contained within public submissions published on this website could be confronting to some. If you require support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.


Date Submitted by Document
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM4X-H
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMSW-F
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM6F-1
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMSX-G
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM6N-9
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM6S-E
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM6W-J
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM6X-K
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM7B-X
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM7N-A
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM7T-G
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM45-E
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMET-X
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMMX-A
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMPD-S
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMPT-9
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM4N-7
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMS8-G
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM4Q-A
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMSM-5
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QZVH-G
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QQ46-K
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QQQZ-M
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QQSW-K
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QZ7N-Q
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QZ9E-G
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QZ9M-R
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QZZE-H
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QQE8-6
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM51-B
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QMCU-W
Anonymous ANON-Z1E7-QM2D-U